Municipality of Kontiolahti

Established in 1873, Kontiolahti is a youthful municipality of more than 14,600 active inhabitants amidst the beautiful region of North Karelia in Eastern Finland. Proximity to the magnificent waterways and extensive wilderness areas render life in Kontiolahti pleasant and peaceful.

Kontiolahti, which focuses on openness and services, is a vibrant and constantly developing municipality. One indication of this is that the number of inhabitants in Kontiolahti has grown uninterruptedly for over 20 years.

The natural environment in Kontiolahti ranges from the rugged hills of the Koli national park to the extensive water areas of lake Höytiäinen and the river Pielisjoki. Kontiolahti represents a transition are where the lake district of Finland turns into the hilly Karelia. The natural environment in the region is highly varied and contains many specialities, such as the Kolvananuuro canyon which has nature conservatorion signifance.

In Kontiolahti, both the inhabitants and visitors have many opportunities to spend their time. Sports lovers have access to magnificent trekking areas and facilities for both summer and winter sports, including a full-range golf course and a biathlon centre which fulfils international standards. The foremost representatives of cultural life include the Jakokoski canal theatre and the Local History Centre presenting rural traditions. Accommodation for tourists is available in numerous holiday homes situated in different parts of the naturally beautiful Kontiolahti. The standard of holiday accommodation varies from exotic outbuildings to luxury villas. More detailed information is available at the Tourist Services of Kontiolahti.