angle-left Kontiolahti municipality prepares its services for possible rolling power outages

Kontiolahti municipality prepares its services for possible rolling power outages

Fingrid, the Finnish national electricity transmission grid operator, has advised everyone to be prepared for power outages caused by possible power shortages during this winter. The consumption of power might need to be limited to secure the adequacy of power.

The recent update informs that the power outages will take place during the mornings and afternoons and will last approximately two hours at a time. The energy companies aim to give preliminary information about the occurring power outages, but they also inform that they might not be able to anticipate all the outages. The general advice is to stay informed about the situation by following the updates and news offered by the energy companies and the media outlets.

Kontiolahti municipality has planned preparatory measures in case rolling power outages should take place. The focus of the measures is to ensure the overall safety in all situations.

– Our preliminary measures for the possible rolling power outages have been planned with the aspect of maintaining safety in all situations. Everyone is advised to prepare themselves for the consequences of the power outages in their everyday life. We ask for everyone’s understanding in case the local services are affected by the unusual circumstances, said the mayor of Kontiolahti, Jari Tuononen.

The Education Division

The primary education, vocational education, and early childhood education are prepared for the rolling power outages. The teaching will be continued normally if it can be done safely. The school transportation will follow the normal schedules.

The early childhood education will continue to follow the normal schedules. Likewise, the safety principles are in the focus in the services of the early childhood education and the services can be adapted according to the safety principles.

The education division will continue offering the food service in schools and day care centers even in the presence of possible power outages. The power outages might cause disruptions in the mealtimes and cold substitute meals might be served.

The schools and day care centers have acquired extra lights. The individual households have been advised that the students can take their personal headlight or flashlight with them to the school. Also, the students may bring healthy snacks with them to school. Day care centers will continue offering all meals included in the normal services, hence bringing personal snacks won’t be necessary. Everyone is advised to wear warm clothes during the school journey, at school and at day care centers. However, the buildings should not get much colder in temperature during the power outages.

The schools and day care centers have given updates and information about the preliminary measures for the rolling power outages through their own information channels.

Water consumption at Kontiolahti

Clean water is expected to be always available during the rolling power outages. While the sewage pumping systems are not in use, the wastewater and sewage network might get overloaded, and this might cause sewer flooding. Therefore, everyone should use careful consideration in their water consumption during the outages; for example, flushing the toilets should be avoided. Tap and drinking water can be used normally during the power outages.
The hot tap water system in the properties connected to the district heating network at the Kirkonkylä area of Kontiolahti might experience outages. Cold tap water will still be available.

Sports, youth, cultural and leisure facilities

The sport halls, gymnasiums, gyms, youth- and cultural centers will remain closed during the possible power outages. In winter the outdoor exercise areas won’t have lighting during the power outages, but these areas can continue to be used at one’s own risk.

The use of the public spaces of the municipality

The premises managed by the municipality won’t be accessible during the power outages, and because of this the customers renting any of these premises are advised to stay informed about the possible power outages by following the most recent updates of the situation. The premises managed by the municipality include sports halls, gymnasiums, gyms, meeting & conference rooms, educational and cultural facilities. In an occurrence of a power outage, the space reservers are responsible for making sure that the people who are in the space at the moment of a power outage, will be able to exit the space safely. During other times the municipality spaces will continue to operate normally.

The customer services of the municipality

The customer services of the municipality aim to continue operating normally despite of possible power outages. However, the municipal office doors will be closed in occurrence of power outages. If the doors are closed at the time of a visit to the municipal offices, it is advised that the visitor phones the person they have come to meet. This allows the personnel of the offices to come and open the door for the visitor. If necessary, the agreed meeting can also be rescheduled.

The Employment services

The employment services will continue operating normally during the power outages. The customers of the services will be informed about any alterations in the services via text message.

Business services

During the rolling power outages Kontionloikka business services will arrange their meetings mainly at their business premises or alternatively the meetings will be organized remotely. Kontionloikka will inform the local businesses about the situation by sending out a newsletter.

The renting services

The customer service of the renting services will continue to operate normally.

The libraries

The libraries aim to remain open to customers during the anticipated and short power outages which don’t last more than two hours. Some of the library services might be interrupted but the customers can continue to use the premises for example to read newspapers and magazines and to do homework, and at some locations the customers can continue to borrow items.

Self-service hours will not be available during the power outages.

At some locations the library premises might be closed during the power outages, if the outage takes place near to the closing time of the library and there are no customers present in the premises. In such situation, the customers will be informed about the closure with a written note which will be placed at library entrances.
The libraries will inform their customers about any other changes in the services via their websites and social media channels.

The staff of Kontiolahti municipality

The staff of Kontiolahti municipality has recived relevant guidance about the possible rolling power outage situations.